A&M Group Story


AM Professional Skin Care was founded in the year of 1998, a modern exclusive skincare brand which tailored made to all skin types.


AM working closely with Korea Research & Development (R&D) Specialist to produce high quality skin care product.


Achieved millions end-user


AM Group had expanded to more than 10 countries


AM Group have profession experience in skincare industry for more than 2 decades. We give the sincerest and profession service to bring our customers the best skincare experience.


AM Products are 100% mercury free and lead-free.

AM Group Culture

A&M Group Culture

For the past 23 years, AM has been empowering the community to live a good quality life in all aspects. Starting off as a homegrown business to an internationally recognised company, our values to remain sincerity, gratitude, diligence, contribution and kindness never change.

Through a strict and professional selection basis, AM committed to retain the most natural yet beneficial ingredients to achieve maximum effectiveness. From professionally formulated ingredients until premium quality packaging, AM never disappoints users.

AM core spirit focuses on driving contribution and building values. With the perspective of “Service, Care & Prioritize Mankind”, apart from helping people to own a long-lasting ideal skin, AM holds onto a goal that is to inspire people to transform their lives by providing a stable and sustainable business platform. As a matter of fact, AM wishes everyone to stay grateful and humble despite being successful in life.

A&M Group Manifesto

AM’s career focuses on happiness, love, sincerity, gratitude, contribution, helpful, diligence in creating miracles in life.