Youth Booster Series

Youth Booster Series

YB1: Rénew Cleansing Milk - 3 in 1 as cleansing milk, cleansing foam and makeup remover

YB2: Active Moist Lotion - Leaving skin cleansed, moisturised and nutritious

YB3: Brightening Serum - Instant remedy to a smoother, brighter, glowing and radiant skin

DR1: SOS Spray - Reduce the growth of germ, acne, skin redness and sensitivity effectively

DR4: Balancing Crème - Specifically designed to treat sensitive and dehydrated skin that caused by excessive use of acidic skin care products

DR7: Belfree Day Crème - Light-weight texture with moisturizing effect, strengthen skin’s immune system and barrier

DR8: Dermthread Diva - Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation and abundant of vitamins to give you an effective long-lasting radiant skin

DR9: UV Radiant Sunscreen SPF35++ - Improve skin elasticity and firmness by resolving skin roughness, dryness, dullness and dry lines


Day – YB1> YB2> DR1> DR8> DR7> DR9
Night – YB1> YB2> DR1> YB3> DR4

YB Series – Remarks :
a) For slight sensitive skin, kindly use DR1 to refresh for 5 days before using other YB Series products
b) For aging skin types (lines, dark spots, sagging skin), kindly apply more of YB3 & DR8 to the affected area at night
c) If skin experiences sensitive condition, kindly apply DR1 & DR4 on the affected areas
d) If skin experiences pimples outbreak, kindly apply DR1 & DR7 on the affected areas
e) For conditions with severe dark spots, melanin, lines, rough, sagging skin, uneven skin texture,
   constantly use the products so that the skin stays moisturized and heal over the night
f) Throughout the treatment period, do not use skincare products or masks from other brands and do not use foundation
  (For customers who used to apply foundation, kindly suggest them to apply DR7 instead)
g) If skin condition remains sensitive, please do not use skin whitening products